31 January 2013

Cultism! Ice! The New Yorker!

I normally try to refrain from this kind of post – e.g. look-at-this-cool-thing-I-like – but given the dearth of other kinds of posting recently, I probably ought not to be so snooty, eh?

I just came across the post below, and photo above, on The New Yorker's '
Photo Booth' blog (which I really enjoy anyway) and thought I would share it for anyone who's interested. I can't lie - the photos here are lovely, but this story mostly caught my eye due to its overlap with some of my bizarre niche interests e.g. remote religious communities and religious conversion (Thomas Merton's 'The Seven Storey Mountain', anyone?) and cold wildernesses..  Each to her own.


Anyway, enjoy -
Davide Monteleone is the photographer and this project documents a religious community, The Vissarionites, founded in 1990 by Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop and making their home now in the Krasnoyarsk region of Siberia. The photos document daily life in the community, but 'daily life' seems too flat a description of a routine that involves, according to these photos, religious procession, communal ecstasy and children's ballet class. The photos are detailed and sensitive and, as you can see above, beautifully dream-like..